In the know……..

February 6, 2024

In the know……..

Hello Hive friends. In the know…..what is that all about? In this blog we will mention podcasts, sustainability and availability.

With Christmas and New Year been and gone, how has 2024 started for you? New Year’s Eve resolutions, dry January or did you not bother? If yes, well done, if not try again in a few months.

January maintenance Month

January is usually the time when we paint and decorate our rooms, public areas, and breakfast room. It has not happend as we have been busy and you have looked after our rooms so well. Thank you.

We welcomed plenty of new and old guests. It is always rewarding to see new arrivals. It means our social media, website, and your reviews are working. Another thank you!

January has been busy with guests. Harro has been doing long training runs to prepare for his epic 50-mile ‘race’ on the 2nd of March. He is also in the middle of an 8-week Digital Marketing course so a busy bee! So January Maintenance Month is likely moving into February or even March!


We are sure that you have heard us go on about sustainability, and to be honest we will not stop! We feel it is a super important subject! We just want to show that as a small business and family home what we can do to improve our footprint.

It is over a year since we installed 18 solar panels and we are happy with the results! It is still exciting to see the Sun appear, or actually have clear skies and see the solar panels charging. We have both saved CO2 emissions and money, even with energy prices on the up. Amazing, and now we are looking forward to a Sunny 2024.

Harro wasn’t busy enough. He decided to volunteer to speak at the Marketing Cheshire Sustainability Conference on February 8th. The event is at the beautiful Tatton Park. It is very daunting. He has not spoken to an audience for over 13 years. He is in the company of Cheshire Oaks and Chester Zoo. The key for him speaking is to show that becoming more sustainable is important to us all. It is also achievable for a small business., sustainability and availability
Boostly Podcasts


Plenty of you know about The Hive at 52, know what we do as you have stayed with us, yet what do you about your host, Harro? Well now is your chance to find out a little bit more about your host.  Harro was interviewed for yet another podcast, he gets a dap hand at these podcasts! In this podcast he is asked about how The Hive at 52 started and what he has been up to since arriving in the UK, 30 years ago!

 Check out the latest Podcast he has been on, we’d love to hear what you think of it. Tell us about your next stay or send us a message. or


Are you still looking for accommodation when visiting the Northwich/ Cheshire area? We have plenty of availability throughout the year. Yet, February is starting to fill up . Book now to avoid FOMO.


As one of our New Year’s resolutions, we have decided to close at least one weekend a month for family time. We love running the B&B. The one struggle is finding time to do things together as a family. We want to ensure we spend time with them. So if a particular weekend is not available, sorry, we hope you understand. If you have any suggestions of places to visit, where to stay and what to do, tell us, we love to hear your ideas.

We hope that this newsletter has given you a little nudge and made you book your stay with us. Be quick, as we are sure others are eyeing up the dates you are looking for.

 In the meantime let us know what you think of this newsletter, what you’d like to hear or see.

Thank you and see you soon.

 Harro & Lucy

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