New Year new changes?

January 12, 2021

New Year new changes?

Hi there,

It has been a long time since we written a blog! Sadly Covid-19 still has an impact on us, as we are sure on many of us. We are looking forward to a warm sunny Summer with some sort of normality. The key words for 2021 are #bookdirect #staycation #workaction ‘uktravel

Luckily we were able to open for a little whilst since our last blog in October 2020. The Hive at 52 has been blessed with many lovely guests staying with us. Due to the various tiers we were not as busy as we expected/ hoped under the circumstances. 

Thankfully we are healthy and well and are looking forward to a bit of normality. Fingers crossed 2021 will see us back to some sort of normality. 

We are missing our guests, most have become friends or at least more than guests. We can’t wait to welcome them back. Apart from meeting and catching up with our regulars, one of the best things of regulars is……..they #bookdirect.

You might have heard the term #bookdirect before. However do you actually know what it means to a small accommodation provider like The Hive at 52. 

#Bookdirect means to book your accommodation direct with the B&B! I know I hear you say. Beware many of the Online Travel Agents make you think their website is the bookdirect one, by clever worthing or saying free cancellation.

Always make sure you when you use a search engine, that you choose the actual properties website or even better call them, why.  You will get a cheaper rate, you actually speak to a person  who knows the property and surrounding area and you get a feel of what to expect. 

At the Hive at 52 for example, your breakfast is always included in the rate, with an OTA/ 3rd party website you pay extra for breakfast. Apart from benefiting you as a guest, it also saves the accommodation provider up to 20% in commission charges.

So next time you are looking to book! #BOOKDIRECT

Article in Daily Mail from 2019 about Booking direct.


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