Life at The Hive at 52, Weaverham

September 27, 2016

Life at The Hive at 52, Weaverham

It has been two weeks since I managed to blog about the life of a B&B owner, we have had a busy two weeks, and what a two weeks it has been.

We have welcomed a wide variety of guest from all parts of the country and from America. I think we have been so lucky with our guests so far and it is such a pleasure looking after them all. The variety of guest is enormous ranging from family visiting family & friends, racing drivers at Oulton Park, wedding guests for Abbeywood Gardens, Delamere Manor or Owleywood Recreation club to a group of Americans travelling around the UK.

The American group of 6 were one of my favourites, the group of 6 stayed with us for two days, and without fail all 6 people were interesting and lovely people! We had a good laugh and am sure we put the world to right on some occasions as well. They had a busy schedule during the day visiting Quarry Bank Mill, Little Moreton and passing the Bentley factory in Crewe, and in the evening they chilled and played games in our breakfast room. They certainly can come again.

I also managed to visit the lovely Sue at Ashhouse Farm B&B and have a look around her lovely Farmhouse B&B. Of course you need to stay with us as a first choice however I can recommend Ashhouse Farm as an alternative. Sad news also reached us the Casa Mata, the Italian restaurant, closed down which is a shame as our guests loved eating there.

Well that is it for this week and I hope we can welcome some more lovely guests to The Hive at 52.

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