Do we listen to feedback?

April 8, 2018

Do we listen to feedback?


It is over two weeks since I last produced a blog, apologies however I have been very busy this week. Great for us, and also by the feedback received great for our guests, So far we have received over 250 reviews and we love reading our guests reviews on Google+, Facebook, Trip advisor or, however we also like our guests to tell us what we can do to improve our product & service. Online reviews are sometimes difficult to use as guests might score us lower than expected however don’t give us an explanation, those reviews with additional comments are very helpful.

What sort of feedback have we received in the last two years, and what have we done to rectify it:

  • Access to front door dark. We installed motion sensor lights all around the car park and front of the B&B.
  • Attic room very light. Installed additional roller blind behind the curtain, and also explain how the blinds on the Velux windows work.
  • Shower not very hot. Timer reset to longer hours.
  • Warm/ cold room. Reset heating timers, explain about turning of the radiators and in the Summer we close the curtains and blinds in the room.
  • Not enough electricity plugs in the room. There are however now explaining where they are, as some are a little challenging to find.
  • Parking, no clear where to park? Lines on the tarmac and P stickers on the wall. 
  • No salt & pepper on homemade hash browns. Advise our guests at breakfast that no salt/ pepper used.

Am sure they are a few more however the majority of suggestions we received we acted on, however sometimes it takes a little longer to rectify things. Please guests keep the feedback coming, we learn from it.

Thanks and see you next week.

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