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Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

16-05-2022 | Category: General News

Cheshire’s Sandstone trail is one of the earliest middle- distance routes in Britain, and the first true ‘Cheshire Way. The trail was carefully planned to show of the very best of Mid-Cheshire, and was officially opened in 1974. It has been popular ever since and continue to grow in popularity,... Read More

Arley Garden Festival

04-05-2022 | Category: General News

It is Spring and do we know it? The flowers, shrubs and trees are alive all around us. Looking for garden inspiration? Maybe a visit to Arley Garden Festival is an idea. Garden Festivals With this in mind it is time to consider looking at this years Garden Festivals and... Read More

Chester 7’s & Party at the Park

20-04-2022 | Category: General News

Chester 7’s & Party at the Park is an event locally organised by Winning Rugby Club. It is one of the fastest growing sport & music festivals in the UK. Based in Winnington, Cheshire, just a short 5 minute drive, 40 minute walk (there of course, not back 🍻) or... Read More

Energy Prices 😵‍💫

01-04-2022 | Category: General News

Good Afternoon, Here we are on the eve of the 1st April, the day our energy prices are looking to increase by up to 50%.  Worrying times, especially after what has been going on the last 18 months. Will there be an end to all, soon? Check out this link... Read More

Go and find some deer!

23-03-2022 | Category: General News

Go and find some deer? What is this all about? Tatton Park is a historic estate in Cheshire, a 25-minute drive from The Hive at 52. It contains a mansion, Tatton Hall, a medieval manor house, Tatton Old Hall, Tatton Park Gardens, and a deer park of 2,000 acres. Gardens... Read More

Visiting Oulton Park

19-03-2022 | Category: General News

🏎️🏍️ 🏎️🏍️   Visiting Oulton Park, we are the ideal place to stay. It is just 6.9 miles from us, or depending if you are pretending to be one of the racers, about 14 minutes drive.    History Oulton Park used to be on the grounds of Oulton Hall The... Read More

The Hive at 52, 52, High Street, Weaverham, Northwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom, CW8 3HB

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