Being a B&B Keeper

August 11, 2018

Being a B&B Keeper


It has been a while and after a busy few weeks we enjoyed a little break away to Holland. It does often happen that we visit in the Summer however we are thinking of doing it more often, Great weather which made us go swimming a bit more and also visted the beach twice. After time off, life gets back to normal pretty quick in the B&B world. 

Overall we have enjoyed our almost 3 years running The Hive at 52, we have welcomed a variety of guests from all over the work however 90% do come from the UK. We have had fantastic reviews and some even better guests, and all appreciated what we trying to do at The Hive at 52. Of course there are things we can improve and we welcome all constructive feedback, as that is how we learn and become great. 

I recently met a local ‘competitor’ who told me that I was number 1 on Trip Advisor, it was so nice of her to tell me and it did make me proud. Our aim is to continue looking after each and every guest to the best of our abilities and of course continue to be top of Trip Advisor. 

It looks like we only have fantastic guests!? Well yes the ones who stayed with us are fab! Those guests who booking via Bookingcom to stay with us, however when taking deposits have no funds on the credit card! We can understand that this happens however what we don’t understand is that when we contact them, and we get no reply! Just let us know you are not coming, it will give others the change to book with us. Bookings like this have made us review our terms & conditions and we will now charge the credit card supplied 7 days prior, if the transaction is declined, guest will have 24 hours to supply new credit card details. otherwise we will cancel. 

As a B&B owner the above is so frustrating, we are only small and some weeks it would have cost us £300, in ‘cancelled’ bookings. We work hard to reduce bookings via the well know channels with our #Bookdirect. I would urge all guests to check out, Expedia or what ever Online Travel Agent for reviews etc etc, but then contact the B&B/ hotel direct. You will not only speak to a person, there might even be a discount in it for you!

Take care and enjoy your UK break.


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