May 6, 2018


Did you know that every time you book your stay with us via Booking.com we have to pay commission costs? 😱 #Bookdirect

Now you may think “well it’s just one booking, what difference could that make?”

You’re right, but over time and a season that figure adds up, and over the past few years millions of ££ are being taken from our local businesses when they don’t need to be.

Booking.com are smart because they heavily market on the fact that you get the BEST RATES and BEST INCENTIVES when you book via their website.

But did you know that it’s false? 🤔🤔

Both Harro & Lucy promise that when you book your next stay with us directly, you will get 10% discount. Book your room here now! The real place to BOOK US ❤️

Today is the day that Hospitality Owners all over the world are standing together and spreading the word about #BookDirect

?Here is where we need your help 💪

If you see this message on Facebook or click #BookDirect  , please hit the share button or comment below and tag someone you know.

If you always book directly with the property, then share this post and explain why it is so important.

We appreciate the help and the support

Thank you ❤️
Harro & Lucy

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